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KNL Limited and Spectrum Pineridge Limited is about talented, passionate, and resourceful individuals teaming up to deliver exceptional investment solutions and real estate products to our clients. We are focused on working closely with Vipingo Development Limited-Centum Investments PLC which promises to be a model of new African cities and present enormous opportunities for our investing clients, the opportunities for attractive returns which are vast and for the occupants of our real estate developments, the outstanding lifestyle options is unique. WE DELIVER TO PROMISE!

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All the interior of our homes is centred around an inclined use of internal space starting from the living room not forgetting the sprawling, exquisite, spacious fully fitted kitchen with a substantial storage cabinet which is one of the many places to entertain our homes. In the two-storey houses, the passageway flows into an exquisite staircase that provides the main means of egress from the entertainment area of the house to the relaxation private rooms upstairs which include the master en suite fitted with a humongous walk-in closet. Some additional eye-catching features include a calming insulated airtight that maintains a tidy environment with no impact of dust around the house.


In all our houses both the interior and the exterior parts are all insulated and sit on a concrete/block foundation. The structure of the house is made of concrete that is reinforced with rebars all around giving you the house that will stand for decades and with a calming climate in the interior side of the house. The quality of our large windows and doors are amazing with sunshades that are part of the house providing the exterior of the houses with tranquillity and peace. Some of our extra features include the solar panels and an astonishing swimming pool as part of recreational and an area to relax with your companions and menage, it’s the tidiness that promises comfort and peace within.

How we get it together

Our European style is our main inspiration, especially the Scandinavian technical solution and quality when it comes to residential construction. It is insulated fully which will give you a cosy and relaxing interior that you are not used to as well as saving money. We have one of the best sound barriers of which its concrete, our aim is to go much higher with sound insulation in the ceiling and all partition walls as well as exterior walls. All for your tranquillity.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible quality in our designs.

Niklas Lundmark

Designer, developer and CEO

Anders Lundmark

Investor Skeda Invest Sweden


Real Estate entrepreneur

Jones Mbewi

Supervisor Engineer

Lars Wallendoff


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