All houses are insulated and sit on a concrete/block foundation. The house structure are made in concrete that is also reinforced with rebars all through, giving you a house that will stand for many years and with an interior climate that stands out. Quality large windows and doors with sunshades are part of the house providing the exterior of the houses with calmness and peace. Extra features include the solar panels and the swimming pool as part of recreational and an area to relax with family and friends, it is the clean front that promises rest and full comfort within.  


The interior of all houses is all focused around an inspired use of internal space starting with the living room not forgetting the sprawling fully fitted spacious kitchen with a lot of storage which is one of the many places to entertain this beautiful residence. The passageway flows into a staircase that provides the main means of egress from the entertainment area of the house to the private rooms upstairs which includes the master en suite fitted with walk-in closet. Additional impressive feature includes a silent insulated airtight that maintains a clean environment with no impact of dust around the house.



To feel comfortable in your new home you need to feel that the security in the community you live in is there. We offer you a Gated community where we take Security in a serious way. CCV-TV, 24 hours with guards directly adjacent to the gate and streetlights powered with solar energy so there will never be gaps in the performance of the security.


When it comes to our standards we are sure it will be difficult to find similar in the coast area. Our houses are fully equipped with a cooker, oven, microwave, dishwasher and warm/cold water. The water is purified drinking water. We provide a solar energy package and the house is fully insulated for efficiency of your energy costs and airtight so as little dust as possible enters the interior living area. Everything is beautifully assembled together with high performance in handcraft by our carpenters and others. The interior climate of our houses are unique and gives you comfort inspired by Swedish building techniques. 


Solar energy that is converted into thermal or electrical energy which harnesses the energy for generating electricity providing light and heating water for domestic use. 


The mini treatment plant is a simple and flexible solution to the sewage problem. Our treatment plants are under the category of biologically activating, which means that the water is treated for the most part by already existing bacteria and microorganisms in the plant in an environmentally friendly way. Unlike many others, the mini treatment plant consists of only one tank. In this way, it becomes a smooth and discreet solution in the garden.


Classy, designed swimming pool are part of the villas. The swimming pools act as a part of entertainment because of the perfect spot that it provides facilitating social interaction. 


Within the estate a part of the land has been set aside in phase 2, designed, and constructed to be used for recreational activities which can be sports, cultural activities or even facilitate social gatherings. 


The raised light sources powered by solar panels generally mounted on the lighting structure converts solar energy into electrical energy utilizing it for dusk to dawn lighting operations. With the solar streetlights around the estate, the neighborhood has an added advantage on low glare and low insect attrition rate not forgetting a high security rate. 


The concrete blocks which make the cabro roads around the estate are made of high strength concrete and are very durable and resistance to most chemicals. They are used for driveways and pedestrian areas. Moreover, they further distinguish roads from footways defining the parking bays and public space from private space. 


With the air condition installations in each house, the amount of pollen, mold mildew and other airborne outdoor allergens are lowered. The air condition reduces the temperature of the air preventing heat strokes. They significantly improve the indoor air quality and create much healthier atmosphere within your home making it your best experience while enjoying your home space. 


The blending of both local and European designs on the villas provides comfort beyond the norm and the environment withing the atmosphere. The multi-cultural design promotes diversity an inclusion within the community. 

50 acres of developing area made in 4 phases

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