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Bungalow Kilifi

Bungalow Kilifi is a newly designed bungalow that has an amazing 3 well-spaced exquisite bedrooms modernly designed. It’s comfortable and gives you a relaxing mood. We are applying a mix of both the Local and European standards to all our homes which gives your investment a big value for money. Our extra features include a swimming pool, solar energy on-grid and security pack.

Bungalow Kilifi welcomes you with a bright open entrance. The patio door gives an exquisite open feeling and is perfect to get out onto the patio to enjoy the sunrise with your morning latte. It has a spacious kitchen with a lot of storage cabinets and is inviting to your colleagues with good opportunity for bar hanging by the kitchen island. Bungalow Kilifi has an alternative floor plan that allows you to customize the house to your satisfaction. The 2nd floor has something above the normal with a recreation area or what your preference use is. It has an amazing terrace. It has two big private areas that will make you feel relaxed with large windows to let the sunrise in with a great and relaxing view out in your garden.